Did you ever want to do something for someone or for your community but didn’t know quite where to start? Are you interested in mental and spiritual health, wellness, kindness, community, volunteering, and fun? FF1616The Pay It Forward group is always accepting new members. You can be involved in our events and stay in touch through our emails, Facebook group, or our biweekly meetings.

“Pay It Forward” means to do something for someone without expecting anything in return. Our members work to spread kindness by volunteering, buying a stranger’s lunch, donating time and money, pffhpand many other events. We raise funds through bake sales, craft sales, and other events and use our funds to give back to the community. Some money goes to families and causes in need, some goes towards events that benefit NMU students and U.P. residents, and other things to bring smiles to people’s faces.


Our bi-weekly meetings are held in the library and our events are communicated through email, social media, this website, posters, and word of mouth. Anyone can become a member and remain a member by participating and showing initiative. Officers of the club are voted in each school year, and if you’re ambitious you can take on an even more active role! Of course, everything we do qualifies for Superior Edge, but the real reward is the satisfaction of having done something kind.


Find us at:
Northern Michigan University
Pay It Forward, Box #35, University Center

Current Board members: President-Heather, Vice-Jamie, Secretary-Emma, Treasurer-Emily, Web Designer- Hayli, Event Coordinator/Fellowship Chair- Hayli