Bake Sale

Thanks to everybody that baked and helped
out at the bake sale! We made a whopping $95.56! Now comes the big
decision:  Where is it going?

The idea that some members had was to contact St. Vinny’s and see if
there has been a family in need that has contacted their company for
help.  I’m sure they won’t give out names but we could donate that money
to that needy family through them.

Here are some of the other ideas that were given:

Harbor House
Beacon House
Lake Superior Village
Pay off someone’s layaway – during Christmas months
Salvation Army
NMU Financial Aid for students
Childrens Museum Children’s Wish List
DHS Emergency Funds
Marquette Community Foundation
United Way
Room at the Inn

Any feedback on ideas would be appreciated.

Also, I’m still waiting for feedback on what size shirts everyone wants.
We need this order in by Friday because it will take up to two weeks to
get the order back and I would like to have everyone’s shirts before
graduation.  PLEASE, get a hold of me regarding this.  If you have
already contacted me, thank you.


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