Seasonal Affective Disorder

PIF is preparing SAD/Winter Survival materials to help NMU students survive the long, harsh winter.SAD.jpg

Find our awesome table at the Wildcat Wellness Health Fair in the Great Lakes Room, LRC. We’ll be there, with plenty of free stuff and raffles, from 10-3pm on February 9th!

We will likely have tea, hot chocolate, essential oils, tasty treats, and more! Also come by for a free raffle of some even more amazing winter survival prizes.

SAD effects people in the winter and fall months, especially in areas like the UP where sunlight is scarce during those times. Exercise, social activity, vitamin D, and light therapy are all proven to be effective in treating the common disorder.

Northern provides counseling services and even sunlight lamps (Check the LRC and Health Center) which can help you or a friend fight seasonal depression and live a happier life.

More information on SAD can be found here.

If you know someone who is suffering, be sure to be there for them. You could be the one to make a difference.


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