Raffle Winners

We are excited to say that all the winners of the raffles have been contacted!  Eight lucky people won our donated bottles of therapeutic essential oils, three won our donated handmade scarves, and one winner received a sun lamp!

All of the contacted winners were excited and thankful, and a few decided to give us statements.

A winner of essential oils, sharing the joy:cindi_small

Thank you so much for having a raffle for an essential oil. I go to the health fair every year to see what new tips/tricks I can learn to help myself stay healthy. I am so happy I won. I plan on giving the oil to my daughter, thanks again! -Cindi

The winner of the sunlamp, paying it forward:KristiHeadshot2015%5b2%5d.jpg

Big thanks to Pay It Forward for living up to its name with a sun lamp raffle at the NMU Health Fair! I was surprised and excited to learn I was the winner. There’s abundant information about the potential benefits of light therapy–particularly during the winter months. I’m eager to give my new desk lamp a try and hopefully boost my Vitamin D! I’ll pay it forward as well and make the lamp available to my colleges. -Kristi

A winner of a scarf, also sharing the joy: 12310529_10203723573289838_5937833356316327622_n

I plan on giving my scarf to my sister Shellie. She really likes knitted scarves so I know she will love to have another one. Thank you for giving me the chance to make my sister happy! -Julie

Of course, everyone was a winner at the health fair, gaining valuable knowledge on how to stay healthy and receiving free goodies like the ones we provided at our table. Be sure to look for us there next year, as well!


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