Last Event of the Year and Awards


Once again, thanks to everyone who played a part in what our organization does! We completed our last volunteer event of the semester last week with Cat Packs!



At our end of the year party, our adviser, president, and founder issued awards to some of our members who they felt deserved recognition. Though they were clear that every member was deserving of recognition for their countless hours dedicated to our purpose, this year they chose to honor the members below.


This year with PIF has blown my expectations.  As a newly upcoming group, and quite honestly, having no idea what I was doing, I never thought we would accomplish so much in such a short time.  And I have all of you to thank for that.  Your constant support, help, and determination to make a difference in the lives of others, really is the core of this organization and what holds it together. –Heather, PIF President


This year’s award winners are listed here below with their photos, as well as statements of what they have done for PIF, our president, and the community.

PhotoHayliC“From the day Savannah joined PIF, she has continued to step up and her determination to make this organization great and help those around her continues to show.  She first stepped up to take over the Haunted Hayride for me when I was needed back home and has again stepped up to help me in various situations throughout the year.  She again stepped up when Josh was unable to continue as our secretary and again when she knew we needed a new VP for this upcoming school year.  She isn’t afraid to voice her opinion when needed and watching her grow into the leader she has become is inspirational.  It is because of these things that we have chosen Savannah for the “Step Up” Award.”

1120Emma has continued to be an active member of PIF from the very beginning and I know I can count on her to be at events and meetings.  She has stepped up and helped me achieve many challenges throughout this year, as well, and I can always count on her to bring a sense of joy and happiness to whatever situation we may be encountering.  She has a heart that spreads love to everyone around her and watching her grow into the leader she has become this year and seeing her confidence rise, has been so motivating to me.  I am excited to see her stepping up as our secretary and how she will only continue to grow as a leader with more confidence.  It is because of these reasons that we have chosen her for the “Outstanding Member” Award.”

117Kaitie will actually be receiving two awards tonight because of her enthusiasm for this organization and for continuing to be such a great asset.  We will miss having her around and we didn’t want her efforts to go unnoticed.First, we will be presenting her with an award that recognizes her for her role as our Relay Captain.  It was obvious that she was passionate about this event and the cause behind it.  Being able to rely on her to take on that job was such a relief and I am so thankful for her dedication and determination to make it a great event, despite the circumstances of the weekend. Secondly, she is graduating and with that comes many accomplishments.  One of hers happens to be holding the Fellowship Chair/Event Coordinator Position for both years PIF has been an official organization.  Having her to work with has really been an incredible experience and she will be sadly missed.”

1110Rachael is also graduating and on her list of accomplishments is holding the Treasurer Position for both years PIF has been an organization.  Her ability to handle the necessary needs and requirements of this position and the confidence I have been able to instill in her has allowed me to focus on other aspects of PIF.  She has continued to be someone I can rely on for help and her enthusiasm to help with events and other aspects of PIF has helped me to really enjoy my position in PIF and I feel has helped to only advance the group further.”


118Kylee is also graduating and with that comes her accomplishment of being PIF’s VP for both years it has been an organization.  Being a VP can be a demanding job and with being a senior, I am sure it could be challenging at times.  She has continued to try and help PIF advance to the next level and we hope the best for her future endeavors.”






Tiffany, our founding president, also had two awards to present:

Membership of Honor Award – Savannah has successfully gone above and beyond the requirements of her PIF membership by stepping into a leadership role during certain events.

113.jpgPresidential Triumph Award – Heather has successfully fulfilled the role of President by overcoming great obstacles while maintaining the sole purpose of PIF.




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